Can CBD Help Prevent Drug Addiction?

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Drugs/Opioids can be prescribed for people suffering from chronic pain, injury, after an accident or after surgery. However, in some cases, prolonged use of these drugs can become addictive and trying to stop the medication can sometimes result in severe withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid Overdose Crisis

In the beginning, opioids can be effective.  Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, over time the same dosage is no longer effective due to the body becoming "adjusted" to the drug.  Dosages are increased (with or without doctor supervision) to have the same effect the lower dosage did in the beginning; and this can be a never ending cycle.

This "adjustment" can turn into an addiction where the body becomes dependent on the drug and removal of that drug causes a "crash" that could even result in death.

Opioid vs CBD

Pain opioids, in general, suppress the body's response to produce standard production chemicals in the body that help keep the body working properly, called homeostasis.  When your body is in homeostasis, which is a good place to be, everything works properly, the internal structure is in harmony, and you feel good.

When you get sick, you leave this utopia feeling of homeostasis due to an invading "bug" or pathogen that disrupts this balance.

Your body springs into action to combat this invader, destroys it and your body again returns to homeostasis.

During this internal fight, whether due to an injury or sickness, "you" do not feel well at all and can be in a lot of pain.  At this point your doctor may prescribe various medicine to help your body fight the problem, heal the injury or just reduce or remove the pain you feel.

Unfortunately, to do that, the medication blocks the production of certain chemicals in your body.  In the short term, this isn't too much of a problem; but if it continues long term then you may find it extremely difficult to get back to homeostasis without the help of this drug...and then you are addicted.

CBD oil for pain is different.  CBD blocks different receptors that allow the pain signal to reach your brain instead of blocking the production of chemicals your body needs.  This can result in your body being able to continue to work on the problem and "self-heal" more efficiently than with the standard over-the-counter pain relievers.

There is still a lot to learn about CBD even though it has been used for pain relief for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

It is naturally, organically produced, not created in a lab, and depending on your source, is usually free from toxins, heavy metals and pesticides.

Over-the-counter medications, and other medications, do have their place in helping you maintain homeostasis within your body, but why rely on potentially addictive, disruptive, lab produced pills when you could have a natural alternative instead?

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